Podcast Episodes

Pro Skater, Mikey Taylor, Talks About His Focus Shift From Being Cool to Being Happy

High School Anxiety & Rock 'N' Roll with Chelsea Ursin

Kyle & Jeremy Talk 1 on 1 About Exposure, Being Vulnerable, & More

Screw Being Shy & Social Anxiety ft. Mark Metry

Tethr, the Mental Health App for Men

Prisoners Being Vulnerable & Talking Mental Health with Fritzi Horstman

Bipolar in the DJ Booth ft. Jerry Ropero

Breakthrough to Self-Mastery with Dr. Ray Doktor

Developing a Mindset for Success with Kash-Wayne Campbell

Depressed & Grieving to Happy & Healing with Jesse Brisendine

Using Conversation to Get What You Want ft. Conversation Gurus: Aurus & Aliza Sanchez

Using Virtual Reality for Social Anxiety ft. Julian & Karan

Mental Journey From Desk-Sitting to Climbing Mount Everest with Sauraj Jhingan

Self-Improvement & ManKind Project Legend, Les Sinclair

Deep Dive into Trauma & Finding a Solution for the Root Cause ft. Dave Furness

Going Outside Your Comfort Zone When You Have Anxiety Ft. Laura Vaisman

Weed, CBD, & Mental Health Connection with Certified Holistic Cannabis Practitioner, Emily Kyle

BONUS ft. David Meltzer Talking Happiness & How to Be a Ferocious Buddha

How to Overcome Any Obstacle (including cancer) with Justin Sandler

Bojana Talks PTSD, Addiction, & Depression After Losing Her Leg

Nicoa Dunne:  Building a Life by Design

Playing for Mental Health with Kirsten

Perfectionism, Goal-Setting, & More with Brock Johnson

Breathing Like Never Before via BreathWORK with Abe Heisler

Stepping Into Purpose and Coming Out Alive with Cuyla Coogan

Why & How Nootropics Work With FindMyFormula Co-Founders Adam and Dan

Children's Book About Anxiety & the Creators's Own Story of Anxiety

Mike Tomasello Talks About His Journey from Social Anxiety to Helping People Find Their Dream Job

How & Why to Have Deep, Meaningful Conversations with Jan Keck

Spiritual Wellness, Crystals, OCD, & More with Spritiual and Empowerment Coach Anna Liljenwall

The Guru of Self Care Talks Importance of Self Care During COVID-19

COVID-19, the Anxiety It Is Bringing, & What to Do About It

TV Writer/Producer, Steve Harper, Talks MKP, Re-Framing Thoughts, Forgiving Yourself, & More

Playful & Less Anxiety ft. TEDx Speaker Gary Ware

Our Top Tips for Gaining Confidence with Anxiety

Being Your Best Self with Whitney Richardson

Therapy for Anxiety with Therapist Erin Swan

Good & Bad Foods for Mental Health & Anxiety...

Anxiety About Not Being on the Same Level As Someone Else

Public Speaking with Social Anxiety

Self-Acceptance vs. Self-Improvement with Anxiety

How to Deal with Confrontation When You Have Anxiety

Dating Apps & Anxiety

Rejection & Failure

Your Mindset's Impact

Dreams & Mental Health

Challenges Are Opportunities

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